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How to publish / How to write paper:

How to write paper ?

1. Title of paper

2. Author name and affiliations

3. Abstract: (Brief knowledge about paper work with its application)

4. Introduction: (What does this paper explain)

5. Literature Survey: ( Author have to write here the relevant past review of your research for better understanding of your new research)

6. Research Elaborations : (Here you have to explain your research work

7. Result and Discussion: ( Here you have to write result of your research with future scope)

8. Conclusion: (It is summarize view of paper)

9. References: ( Which you had used in the literature survey)


How to publish paper ?

Publication Process

The publication process is consisting with the following steps. The ultimate objectives of this process are Quality, Quality and Quality. Entire process will be completed expected within 10 days.

@ After receiving the manuscript we will send a confirmation e-mail to the author.

@ Primary quality will be checked by the Editor.

@ The manuscript will be sent for double blinded review.

@ Based on the double blinded review editor will take decision and the decision will be communicated to the author. Decisions can be three types like accepted without revision, resubmit with major/minor revisions, rejected.

@ After the final review process if the paper will accepted we will send a payment request to the author.

@ Author need to deposit publication fee within 3 days after the payment request.

@ Payment will be confirmed.

@ Author Declaration Form' need to submit by the author.

@ Publish paper Onlin

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